A close-knit family with a dream of turning Colington Island into a destination for visitors has taken their first step — and it all began with a shared simple pleasure: Coffee.

Ryan Jorgenson, his wife Traci Jones-Jorgensen and sister-in-law Kristi Jones purchased a non-descript ground-level structure on Colington Island, not far from TJs Gas & Grill. For nearly a year, they worked night and day to get their dream to rise higher and higher. The building was elevated on stilts and gutted.

Then the hard work began. When he wasn’t installing drywall, doing carpentry work and running a bobcat, the Jorgenson (who brings to mind a happy-go-lucky Viking) captained a scallop boat to help fuel the finances of the shared dream. While he was out to sea, the hardworking sisters tackled the interior, including laying the wooden floor and tiling the counter. It all paid off.

On Oct. 8, the trio celebrated the grand opening of Higher Grounds Coffee & Ice Cream at 141 Colington Road —to a packed house, no less.

The coffee shop, naturally, serves coffee — with or without with classic flavors — as well as espresso, latte, tea and more. In addition, they carry fresh-baked goods from SaltBox Café (also on Colington Island), frozen custard and fresh hand-dipped ice creams.

All of this, a large deck, extensive landscaping, a great water view — and it’s dog-friendly.

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