The Shocker: Waygu burge topped with fresh jalapeños, fresh habaneros, pepper jack cheese, and shocker sauce. ($7.99)

Walk in to newest restaurant on the beach and a couple things hit you immediately. One, the decor. It’s like a fun man cave that you wouldn’t be ashamed to bring your girlfriend to. In fact, she’ll love it as much as you do. Two, peep at the menu. Is it possible to get one of everything? That also goes for the beer list — with more than 100 selections available. The name says it all: Jack Browns Beer & Burger Joint. That’s what they do: burgers and beer. I had The Shocker. It’s a burger (surprise), not too big, not too small, nice heat with the fresh jalapeño and habanero. Juicy, tasty, and tastebud- tantalizing. — Christian Benedi


Danny Laruso: Waygu burger topped with cream cheese and jalapeño jelly ($7.49)

The atmosphere is fun, comfortable, and the smiles and attitude of the staff shines through from the hostess stand, to the bar and then our table.This is what a neighborhood bar should feel like. The menu is simple and the burgers all sounded delicious, however, the “Danny Laruso” had my name on it.

The amazing hamburger meat reminded me of a fine wine with the buttery texture, complex flavors, subtle sweetness and lingering finish. Like a fine wine, an excellent complement to the burger meat was the perfect layering of cream cheese and jjalapeño jelly on a fresh soft hamburger bun. I ordered fries to share, and the fries could be a standalone treat with a cold beer. Crinkle, cut Yukon gold potatoes not only were picture perfect when served, but were perfect in taste and served with a special sauce for dipping

. — Becky Pedersen

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