Treat your guests — and yourself — to a feast full of new, traditional, and coastal Carolina favorites. Served buffet style, this easy to prepare menu includes a locally sourced beverage station, seasonal seafood, bounties from the fields and ingredients lovingly made by local food crafters.

Most of the meal is acquired and involves little more than a phone call, a pick up and a hot oven when the company comes. The few dishes you make from scratch are easy to assemble ahead of time and feature ingredients by local makers. This menu can be adjusted to fit any size crowd, so you just decide how much to order.

The Menu


  • Noggy or Nice, Kill Devil Rum Spiked Eggnog
  • Mother Earth Root Cider Vinegar Sippers
  • Lost Colony Brewery Christmas Beer
  • Sanctuary Vineyards wines


Charcuterie plates

  • Sweet Potato Liverwurst, Curry Ketchup and fresh sausages (from Weeping Radish)
  • Cheese, olives and assorted crackers (from Trio)
  • Artichoke Relish (from Carawan Seafood)
  • Sweet Potato Butter (from Circle Seafood)
  • Breads (from Proof Bakery)
  • Jumbo lump crab grilled cheese squares


(recipes to the right)

  • Seared duck breasts with island jam gastrique
  • Quick-cook Coinjock creek collards
  • Currituck mashed sweet potato surprise
  • Outer Banks rum cake
  • Lemon-Lavender Cookie Crust Cheesecake made with Sweaterbox Confections Cookies
  • Morning View Coffee Station

Amy Gaw is a food entrepreneur who has eaten, cooked and written about food on the Outer Banks and surrounding areas for more than three decades. A clean food advocate with a focus on local seafood, Gaw is also a salt maker and the founder of Outer Banks SeaSalt.

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