Music guru John Harper's Top Picks

  • By John Harper



One listen to singer-songwriter Trevor Hall’s songs and it’s clear he’s a thinking man.

In “You Can’t Rush Your Healing,” for instance, Hall sings in a warm, husky voice that’s just above a whisper and floats over a lovely, finger-picked acoustic guitar bed.

“Well, everybody’s got the chapter of dark and darker days, yeah/Saturn seems to be returning and his essence can’t be tamed.”

“Some may like to fight it/Try to plan a secret attack/But the more you push it/The more it’s pushing you back.”

Hall, who performs Wednesday, June 28, at Kelly’s Outer Banks Restaurant and Tavern in Nags Head, has been touring and recording since 2001.

A deeply spiritual man who travels to India every year to study religion and philosophy, Hall, 32, has a loyal following.

His fans love his gentle nature and refreshing music that taps reggae, roots, folk and rock.

Among his best-known songs are “Unity,” recorded with Jewish rapper and longtime friend Matisyahu, and “Brand New Day,” which was used as the theme music for the “CBS This Morning.”

And if you’re one of the gazillion people who saw the movie “Shrek the Third,” Hall’s moving mid-tempo, reggae-tinged number “Other Ways” should be familiar.