A new business is on the beach, and its owner is as serious about his operation as the infamous pirate who once roamed the Banks was about his chosen vocation.

“Over the years, I have acquired the nickname ‘Blondebeard,’ for obvious reasons, and seeing that Blackbeard was one of the most notorious pirates who took his last stand in Ocracoke, the name just seemed to fit,” says longtime OBX resident Lance Marler, who recently launched Blondebeard’s Pressure Washing service.“I have always been intrigued by pirate lore, and the fact that such characters once roamed these waters is fascinating.”

Even the company’s logo is homage to the area’s pirate lore.

Man on a mission

Blondebeard’s cleans everything from houses, decks, patios and fences to boats and vehicles.

“So far, I haven’t yet met anything I can’t pressure wash,” says Marler, who also is a chef at the über-popular Kill Devil Grill.

Fees are based on specifics of each job, but there’s no job too big or too small.

“The size and type of house and amount of dirt, grime, mold, rust and/or algae dictate how long the process will take and how much product much be used, and then the price will be determined.”

He’s able to schedule jobs from dawn to dusk, seven days a week, working around his job at the restaurant.

“Advance notice is always great, so I can make the necessary arrangements, but I have also completed jobs the same day they’ve been booked,” he says. “I’m always open to traveling anywhere — from Corolla to Hatteras, to Ocracoke and even west of the Banks.

If it’s gritty, grimy, covered in dirt or something else, Marler is prepared to “cleave it to the brisket,” as Blackbeard was wont to say.

“Dirt, algae, mold, grime and rust are more than just an eye sore, they are detrimental to your home. They will actually promote plant growth and other forms of deterioration,” Marler says. “No job is too small or too large because a clean house is a happy house.”

To contact Blondebeard's Pressure Washing, email namsurfer@yahoo.com or call 843-222-5502.

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