Playing a round of golf sounds intimidating, if you don’t have the equipment or know how to swing a club.

Most golf courses have pros on staff that can guide you to the right equipment to rent and are also available for lessons and instruction in developing swings and understanding the game.

A new and easy way to get into the swing of golf is to find an indoor sports club, like Turf’s Up OBX, 3712 N Croatan Hwy., Kitty Hawk. Ultra high quality simulators record your stance, contact and swing while measuring the distance and path of golf balls aimed at a real golf course.

Play back the recordings and it’s easy to see what needs to be corrected for beginners as well as advanced golfers. Enlist the guidance of a golf pro, like Ash Jones former pro at The Point Golf Course, to work on your form and understanding of the game. Don’t worry about buying equipment, with an indoor sport facility, golf clubs for all ages and sizes, left and right-handed clubs are available.

Finding a facility that monitors your movement and the balls response with the added instruction of a golf pro on hand are the perfect ingredients to holding your own on a golf course.

Already know how to golf? Bring your own equipment and improve your game on your lunch break or when the weather isn’t cooperating, book an hour playing on a course in Hawaii or a PGA course you have always wanted to play.

Golf is an outdoor sport that can be practiced and enjoyed indoors with this futuristic approach to getting better and just enjoying the sport. Don’t worry about the weather, holding up other players or playing through on the same old course, broaden your horizons and check out what’s indoors.

Turf’s Up OBX is open 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday-Friday, 2-10 p.m. Saturday, closed Sunday.

Call (252) 715-5820 or visit

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