Three Outer Banks women have dedicated their lives to helping people find their true self or path, accessing the higher self, physical healing, recognizing their connection to the universe and releasing blocks toward positive progress.

Each has developed a personalized practice using a variety of modalities — energy healing, spiritual coaching, past life regression and meditation — to help others discover their best self through love and light.

Debra Wrye

Debra Wrye is a soul coach, a natural born teacher who has sensitivities that go beyond.

“I’ve always had a deep inner yearning to serve other people,” the Southern Shores resident says. “I always wanted to be a teacher, ever since a little girl.”

She started with a degree in elementary education, but then she became passionate about spiritual-based studies. She went on to become a certified soul coach — a facilitator trained in therapies designed to clear away mental, emotional and physical issues.

Ultimately, the individual can get in touch with the true self and begin to live with more authentic purpose.

Armed with psychic ability she says she’s had her entire life, Wrye sought out teachers. A fan of science and how the brain works, she studied hypnotherapy and neural linguistic programming — understanding and deciphering language patterns and facial expressions. “It helps when working with people. You get clues and get to the heart of the matter with someone. Being intuitive also helps.”

She earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in metaphysical sciences, and she’s had extensive training in theta healing, angel communication therapy. Her thesis for her master’s was on the akashic records: a collective repository of every human thought, spoken words, emotions, intent, action and event that is occurring, has occurred in the past and will occur in the future. Essentially, it is an encrypted code of unique, individual metaphysical DNA.

“They are often referred to as the ‘book of life’ — not a physical book — (but) like a quantum field of all knowing; all information about your soul is vibrating.”

When accessing the record, you might view past lives or receive information about the higher self, says Wrye, who also is a reiki master.

The purpose is to bring all these modalities, including meditation and reiki energy healing to help people discover “truth of self within self. God gave us so many tools, and it’s all accessible to us; it’s all in us.”

By engaging these types of therapies, Wrye says, she has helped people deal with such issues as grief, substance abuse and finding purpose.

For those who are interested in the evolution of the soul, access the higher self, receive messages from the higher self and remove blockages, soul coaching is a way to achieve these things, Wrye says.

Natalie Eve Marquis

Natalie Eve Marquis is a practitioner and facilitator in the awakening and healing arts as a heart-centered healer and coach.

“Everything I do is about healing and helping people connect to their intuition,” Marquis says. “I teach intuition to people because we have gotten shut off. The sixth sense is a subtle sense, but it’s the sense that saves our life. That’s how we are connected to our higher power.”

Marquis says connecting to intuition helps us live a life with more ease and grace.

“We have to get quiet and honor the way the intuitive information comes in,” she says, “so I teach those things.”

A reiki master, Marquis specializes in distance energy healing, angelic reiki healing, heart and soul coaching, past life regression for healing, angel card readings and intuitive readings. She is a certified hypnotist, and her training also includes advanced Integrative energy healing and basic theta healing.

So what does this all mean to clients?

As a heart-centered healer and coach, Marquis uses her gifts, focus and drive to heal and help people of all ages to release everything that is not like love.

“What no longer serves them,” she says, adding she has a spiritually-based practice and honors all spiritual practices.

“A lot of them are really in a place that they want to go deeper, let go of things that are holding them back,” she says. “I see a lot of people with stress and anxiety.”

Marquis intuitively combines multiple modalities when she works with a client. In a reiki session, for example, she can use energy healing, sound, crystals, essential oils and controlled breathing to either move energy in the body or remove it.

The energy sessions provide her with a more complete picture of what’s going on with an individual. She writes down what she gleans to share with her client at the end of the session in hopes of helping them see a more fulfilled life.

“I am a stepping stone on their journey helping them heal and connect to their own inner wisdom.”

In past life regression, a client might visit three significant events in one lifetime and moves on to their point of passing, their life review.

“What their soul’s purpose was and did they fulfill it?’ she says. “Was there anyone to forgive? Strengths in the past can be brought forward.”

Hypnotherapy can address many issues including stimulating the motivation to do a special diet.

In a nutshell, Marquis is all about love and intuition. “Intuition is not thinking,” she says. “It’s receiving.”

Roxanne “Roxie” Valdivieso

Roxanne Valdivieso is a reiki master and an ordained minister of metaphysics — a spiritual leader who can serve as an advisor and provide other religious and spiritual duties, including performing weddings, in an open-ended expression of spirituality, understanding and tolerance outside traditional religious dogma.

The Kill Devil Hills resident has a labyrinth in her backyard that helps one to meditate on their life. “I let go of things I have been holding onto,” Valdivieso says of walking the labyrinth. The building of the labyrinth was an act of love by friends who knew that Valdivieso’s young daughter was struggling with cancer.

It was the experience of her daughter’s illness — she lost the battle with cancer when she was 16 — that propelled Valdivieso into the world of reiki. “I was looking for every way I could help her,” she says. “She would ask for it. It’s a complimentary medicine to conventional medicine,” she says. “It’s relaxing; a stress reliever.”

Valdivieso says everybody experiences something different during a reiki session, but people undergoing cancer treatments, like her daughter, have reported a greater sense of relaxation following a reiki session, which in turn reduces the level of stress and reduces the pain of side effects. It can be used before and after surgery “helping them heal faster and get through the pain easier,” she says. “Reiki could be working on another level: your spirit, your emotional, to undo blocks and get rid of unwanted habits that you have.”

Valdivieso is so confident in its powers to mitigate pain and stress that she shares her gifts with others by teaching reiki I and reiki II classes, as well as leading a reiki master class.

She also works with Wrye to host various metaphysical classes and gatherings through their partnership,

Sacred Light and Love: Wrye leads a guided meditation, while Valdivieso offers reiki on participants. She recently hosted a clairvoyant session in her home with a focus on bereaved parents like herself.

Valdivieso dreams of expanding her personal offerings to create something especially for parents who have lost children.

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