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I want to have a seat at Dawn Holcomb’s table, and here’s why: Her food is familiar but special, deliciously comforting, and made with intention. There’s a look, a feeling, an emotion Dawn is coaxing out of all of us when we enjoy her food; it’s love and appreciation — the same things Dawn f…

Get those taste buds ready: March 28 through 31 marks the return of the much beloved annual Outer Banks Taste of the Beach. For four days, locals and visitors will be treated to the best food and drink the Outer Banks has to offer.

Traditionally, oysters were considered to be at their peak in months with an “R” in their names. Serving up 100 bushels of the tasty mollusks, the Big Curri-Shuck festival at Sanctuary Vineyards promises a real treat for oyster lovers.