He Ate

Broiled Combo: Shrimp, scallops and catch of the day served with potatoes and seasonal vegetables. ($26)

I’m a lifelong sailor, a fresh seafood aficionado, and I can easily tell the difference between fresh-caught and just-fresh-caught seafood. This meal was definitely in the latter category. The seafood in the dish tasted as if it had literally just been plucked from the sea. The freshness of the scallops rivaled the scallops I’ve had in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, which you can see being off-loaded from the boats at the harbor from the deck of the waterfront restaurants. Hands down, these were the best scallops I’ve had since my last trip to the Canadian province’s South Shore. — Ryan Hatch

She Ate

Filet Mignon: 10 ounces of Angus beef with potatoes and caramelized onions. ($33)

My seafaring husband is all about fresh fish, but I spent enough time in the Lone Star State to know a thing or two about a great steak — and Basnight’s filet mignon served up a 10 ounce filet that would make Sam Houston himself proud. The cooked-to-perfection filet de bœuf is widely considered to be the crème de la crème of steak, thanks to its melt-in-your-mouth texture. Basnight’s accomplished chef prepared it in such a way as to coax tremendous flavor from a cut that doesn’t have the fat marbling normally associated with a great steak. It was beyond delicious and would give even the best Texas steak house a run for its money. — Donna Gable Hatch


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