Greenside Bar & Grill has great variety

Regardless of what you order at the Greenside Bar & Grill at The Point Golf Club on the Currituck mainland, you won’t be disappointed.

Greenside owner/chef and Currituck native Shaun Belangia and his wife Shelly, who manages the restaurant, have clearly gone to great lengths to make both the menu and the hospitable service a memorable experience.

Fish Tacos

Blackened mahi-mahi with shredded cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce and topped with Greenside’s signature honey wasabi sauce.

The fresh and warm flour tortillas were filled with large chunks of local fish. As all dishes on the full menu are made to order, I was able to request that they skip the blackening spices. I prefer the fish to shine through and it did just that. The outside of the large fish chunks was slightly browned with a moist center. I’ve loved fish tacos since I first tried them in Southern California, many years ago. When they’re made with fresh mahi, it’s an automatic winner. This will be my Greenside go-to, though the Cuban sandwich is a strong competitor. Steve Polilli

Club Sandwich

Boar’s Head ham, turkey, bacon, American and Swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato.

One of the club sandwich’s origin story credits an upstate New York private club with its creation in the late 1800s. Whatever. I was at a golf club and was going to order my favorite sandwich. Greensides had a choice of breads and I asked to have mine on sunflower bread instead of the standard white bread. The bread added another dimension to a sandwich that had a cornucopia of ingredients. It was stacked so high, I brought home. — Robin Polilli


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