Mutt-n-Jeff's Country Kitchen is down-home goodness

Jeff Smith, owner and chef at Mutt-n-Jeff's Country Kitchen, prepares meals for patrons.

At Mutt-n-Jeff’s Country Kitchen, the family style restaurant meets old school dining. Cheery red and white checked tablecloths on each table — upon which is a roll of paper towels, jellies, butter and a good-sized bottle of Texas Pete hot sauce — the aroma of food being prepared and the paneled walls remind customers they are in the middle of Currituck Mainland.

Place your order, and by the time you stir the cream in your ceramic coffee mug and check your phone, your order of fresh fluffy eggs, thick crispy bacon, hand-cut potatoes and toast ($6.75) land on the table with a smile from the wait staff.

The restaurant sits on 10.3 acres that boasts plenty of truck and trailer parking and a boat ramp. Launching into the North River, which runs into the Intracoastal Waterway, is easy. Owner Jeff Smith can hook you up with a guide to some of the best fishing and hunting in North Carolina.

The Currituck Game Commission distributes ducklings and geese for Smith to raise and disperse into the wild, replenishing the water fowl population surrounding Currituck County, so keep your eye on the ground for more than 200 duck and geese “fall out” as you near the boat ramp.


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