Asian sesame noodle bow

A cold spicy mix of sesame and soy infused noodles, tossed with light Asian spices, several mixed veggies and crushed peanuts, garnished with mandarin orange sections and wonton crisps

I always vow to try something different when I visit Rundown Café, but I love this dish with slightly seared tuna so much that it’s impossible to resist the pull. I eat every bit of it. I’m a sucker for anything with sesame — add rare tuna and I’m in heaven. But Rundown owner Michael Montiel told me that if I liked the sesame noodles, I have to try the Spicy Thai Lemongrass. His description of it, and he showed me a photo, has me convinced it might be my new go-to at Rundown.

St. Martin Shrimp

Linguine with butter-sautéed shrimp, onions, bacon, sun-dried tomato, garlic, fresh tomato and white wine

My wife Robin loved her choice. It was filled with lots of plump shrimp. It’s Caribbean, sure, but the components reflect the island’s French side with a wine-based sauce with typical Mediterranean ingredients, notably the sun-dried tomato. It was a big, flavorful dish so she took almost half of it home. Sometimes “doggy boxes” languish in our fridge, but not this time; two lunches later it was gone.


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