Kill Devil Hills, our little town, home to great people, pretty beaches, and the best pizza in the state of North Carolina!

TripAdvisor has compiled a list of the top pizza spots in every state based on user reviews and Slice Pizzeria in Kill Devil Hills won the honor for North Carolina!

What do we talk about when we leave reviews on a site like TripAdvisor? The food, of course. The atmosphere, maybe. How we were treated, for sure. The hard-working staff and owners of Slice have had us covered since 2008. The pizza dough and sauce are made from scratch, topped with the highest quality Grande cheese, the freshest ingredients, and baked in stone ovens.

The space inside their building at the corner of Baum Street and 158 is clean and welcoming and the staff is friendly, fast, and efficient. The online reviews reflect all of this but there’s even more to Slice Pizzeria than the reviews describe.

Owners Rick Amodei, Jeremiah Stewart, and Elizabeth Cubler give back. They are proud supporters of our local schools and athletics, the Wounded Warrior Project, the Beach Food Pantry, and the SPCA. Slice Pizzeria is a charitably spirited part of our community and a warm and inviting place to get a great meal.

Out of all the Specialty Pizza options to choose from on Slice’s menu, like the Veggie Lovers topped with spinach, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms, and the Baked Ziti Pizza with ricotta, penne pasta, Parmesan, and sauce served in a braided crust, I love a classic: the Margherita. I think we can all agree crust matters, right? This one is ideal. It’s not too thin, definitely not too thick and it has a crackly outer layer that gives way to a fluffy interior with lots of tiny air pockets throughout and just the right amount of chew. There’s a light dusting of flour remaining on the outside, reminding you this crust was just baked a minute ago from homemade dough, tossed by hand. The toppings are stellar: super fresh chopped tomatoes scattered under and above the creamy mozzarella, accented by ribbons of basil. It’s garlicky and perfectly seasoned thanks to salt, pepper, oregano, and an extra little hit of Parmesan on top. It’s completely delicious and it’s all ours, just down the road in KDH.

Celebrate this local legend, and enjoy some of Slice’s award-winning pizza any chance you get!


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