Saturday 6.16

Owen Danoff and Ruth Wyand

The Outer Banks now has a “listening room,” a place where’s no talking during performances, the acoustics are good and musicians aren’t competing against cell phones.

It’s called The Well, which is tucked into the Seagate North Shopping Center in Kill Devil Hills.

On Saturday, the cozy space will be filled with the folk-rock of Owen Danoff and the blues of Ruth Wyand.

The Washington, D.C.-based Danoff, who was on Adam Levine’s team on Season 11 of the TV show “The Voice,” is a fine storyteller and melody maker.

As a side note, his father, singer-songwriter Bill Danoff, co-wrote John Denver’s “Take Me Home Country Roads” and the Starland Vocal Band’s (he was a member) “Afternoon Delight.”

Owen’s voice suggests a slightly tougher Ed Sheeran.

His material is reflective and introspective, with standout songs such as “Hometown Headstone” and “I Wish I Knew Better.”

Wyand, who lives in Kill Devil Hills, is a master slide-guitarist, soulful singer and first-rate songwriter.

File this show under “serious bang for the buck.”

When: 8 p.m.

Cost: $20 (suggested donation)

Where: The Well, 3105 N. Croatan Hwy., milepost 5.5 (Seagate North Shopping Center), Kill Devil Hills

Info: (252) 267-4125,

Tuesday-Friday 6.19-22

Dusty Slay and Friends

The Nashville-based stand-up comic, performing at the Comedy Club in Kill Devil Hills, doesn’t mind sharing his life story.

He talks a lot of about growing up, and with his deadpan delivery, the material packs his wallop.

Slay, who recently performed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” goes way back for observations like “I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth, and I was lucky to have the spoon.”

Also there’s this about his humble beginnings: “I grew up in a trailer park, which wasn’t that fun. Not sure why they call it a park.”

And the funny bits keep on coming.

One of his Slay’s signature routines is “Top 5 Country Songs about Killing People.”

“There’s a lot of drinking and cheating in country music,” he says. “So that can lead to killing.”

When: 8 p.m. Tuesday through Friday

Cost: $26

Where: Comedy Club of the Outer Banks at the Comfort Inn, 1601 S. Virginia Dare Tr., milepost 9.5, Kill Devil Hills

Info: (252) 207-9950,

Thursday-Friday 6.21-22

The Phantom Playboys

To tweak Burt Bacharach and Hal’s David’s immortal words, what the world needs now is music, sweet music.

The Wilmington, North Carolina-based Playboys are all about that.

The five-piece — guitar, upright bass, drums, saxophone and trombone — plays free shows at Sanctuary Vineyards in Jarvisburg and Fish Heads Bar and Grille in Nags Head.

To get a sense of the group’s sound, imagine The Stray Cats jamming with Southern Culture on the Skids with Elvis Presley and Hank Williams Jr. sitting in.

It’s fun, funky and freewheeling, merging rockabilly, surf-rock, country and big-band with tongue-in-cheek lyrics about booze, pompadours and zombies.

Titles include “Bartender, Leave the Bottle” and “Walk of Shame,” a rollicking tune about love gone south.

If you’re looking to put your hands in the air like you don’t care, go hear the Playboys.

When and Where: 5:30 p.m. June 21, at Sanctuary Vineyards, 7005 Caratoke Hwy., Jarvisburg, and 8 p.m. June 22, at Fish Heads Bar and Grille, 8901 S. Oregon Inlet Rd., Nags Head

Cost: Free

Info: (252) 491-2387,; (252) 441-5740,

Thursday 6.21

Red Not Chili Peppers

There are tribute acts devoted to The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and Micheal Jackson, among dozens of others.

So why not a group that pays homage to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Los Angeles-based quartet that’s been bringing on the punk, alternative-rock, rap and funk for three decades.

The band plays Thursday at Koru Village Beach Klub in Avon.

Based in San Diego, the faux quartet masterfully captures the sound (throbbing bass lines and unconventional guitar licks), stage antics and look of the original Peppers.

The Not Chili Peppers have been copy cats since 2009, winning wide acclaim from club-hoppers and music writers.

They deliver off-the-record remakes of such classics as “Under the Bridge,” “Otherside,” “Scar Tissue,” “Soul to Squeeze,” and “Higher Ground,” among others.

When: 7 p.m. Thursday

Cost: $10 in advance, $13 at the door

Where: Koru Village Beach Klub, 40920 Hwy. 12, Avon

Info: (252) 995-3125,


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