Broughton Aycock by any other name would sound as sweet

Broughton Aycock

The music of Outer Banks musician Broughton Aycock comes in many forms: Broughton Aycock & Friends, Eddy and the Riptides, the Wine Country All Stars, Carson’s Bad Barbershop Trio and, simply, Broughton Aycock.

“We go by a few different aliases, but the band members seem to remain the same: Stephan Carbocci on the bass, Jacob Richardson on the drums and Ben Melton on the keys, though we have a few occasional sit-ins,” the 34-year-old Broughton says. “On Wednesday at Fishbones, a duo is performed with my bass player.”

Aycock — who has been guitarist in the band Frozen Head & the Squirrels since 2009 — began “gigging around” when he was 16, but he’s been performing professionally “and maintaining a regular schedule” for a decade. The music genres have changed a bit throughout the years, but the energy and fun that comes through the music remains a constant.

“A lot of surf-rock and reggae vibes happening with the band this year, also a touch of classic country, psychedelia and soul,” he says. “I just enjoy playing all my favorite cover songs that I’ve always listened to.”

Aycock says performing on the Banks — regardless of the venue du jour — is an unbelievably cool way to spend his life.

“Food, folks, friends, fans, fun… Live music has always been such a tradition around the OBX. It’s hard to stumble into any restaurant without seeing a solo performer, or advertisements for an entertainment schedule for the upcoming week,” he says. “I just feel very lucky to have grown up and to live in a place that’s so supportive of live music, year after year.”

Restaurant and club owners are supportive of Aycock’s music, regardless of the moniker under which he chooses to perform.

Aycock has a standing solo gig from 6 to 9 p.m. Tuesdays at Eastside, 1177 Duck Road, Dick, and weekly performance as Broughton and Friends from 8 to 11 p.m. Fridays at Trio.

“Our schedule is nuts. On July 14, we’ll be performing at Trio, but later that night, we’re doing this really fun benefit at the Outer Banks Brewing Station. Sam Sykes will be premiering a surf video, live music from Frozen Head & the Squirrels, and the Yard Dogs. All proceeds go to Surfing for Autism.”

Things are hectic during the season, but it doesn’t slow down much in the shoulder seasons.

“Over the years, I have toured back-and-forth across the U.S, throughout Europe and throughout Central and South America during the off-season, so even after the busy schedule of around 12 gigs a week here in the summer, the performances continue year round,” he says, adding he’s having too much fun to contemplate a career change anytime soon.

“For now, this is my double-full time profession with no end in sight,” he says. “We will probably just continue to book and play gigs until our fingers fall off.”

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