Harry Harrison

The Tills is on a promotional tour of its new vinyl album, "Canon." 

Outer Banks favorite Harry Harrison is still in high gear with a host of gigs lined up, and locals will tell you: He’s not to be missed.

He’s been called a “Springsteen for moderns,” “the sixth Beatle,” and “the bastard son of Steven Wright and Mozart, with a side order of George Martin.”

Harrison performs solo and as part of several bands, but no matter how he presents his talent, it’s always a great show.

The upcoming schedule includes performances with The Tills, a band that also features longtime friends Josh Martier, Tom Peters and Jesse Meyers. For those in the know, Tills performances on the beach are a rarity.

“The shows are a promotion for our new vinyl album, called ‘Canon,’ and they will include special guests that I’ll reveal as soon as I have confirmation,” Harrison says.

He’s also at work on several other projects, including lending his talent to a new album from Scott Sechman, a journeyman musician who traded in the hustle of the L.A. music scene for life on the sandbar.

“I became aware of Harry when I was still in California. I saw a live stream of him playing an acoustic solo gig, and he was like a throwback to the guys I listened to in my youth,” says Sechman, whose career in music began in the early-’70s.

“He seems to have schooled himself in the best music of my era and earlier. Not the best singer. Not the best guitarist. But he has that ‘thing’: A connection to the music and a touch that you don’t learn. You either have it or you don’t. He takes all that, draws it inside, and it comes out as his. That’s most evident in his songwriting. My first thought was, ‘I want to work with this guy…’ It’s hard not to be effusive about what he can do.”

Harrison is also working in a new album for the Running Club, “and I’m also working on a song for a future collaboration with Zack Mexico, two new Tills albums that have been in the works for a long time — and one other brand new Tills album, but it won’t be done for a while.”

If you want to know what everyone who lives here already does, you can catch Harrison at the following Outer Banks hot spots:

Friday, Aug. 11

7-10 p.m., with the Yard Dogs, featuring Matt Wentz, at Roadside Bar & Grill, 1193 Duck Road, Duck

Saturday, Aug. 12

7:45-10:45 p.m., Yard Dogs at Trio, 3708 N. Croatan Highway, Kitty Hawk

Sunday, Aug. 13

6-9 p.m., Running Club — Harrison, Sean Olds, Nathan Stockley and Josh Martier — at Art’s Place, 4624 N. Virginia Dare Trail, Kitty Hawk

Wednesday, Aug. 16

6-9 p.m., The Billy Clams — Harrison and Kip Germscheid as “Babyface” and “Mugsy Vanhorn” — at The Blue Point, 1240 Duck Road, Duck

Thursday, Aug. 17

6-9 p.m., solo performance at Sweet T’s, Duck Road, Duck.

Monday, Aug. 21

11 p.m.-ish., The Tills at Bonzer Shack, 1200 S. Virginia Dare Trail, Kill Devil Hills

Tuesday, Aug. 22

11 p.m.-ish, The Tills at Outer Banks Brewing Station, 600 S. Croatan Hwy., Kill Devil Hills

For more information, visit facebook.com/TheHarryHarrison.

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