A great way to spend some time fishing is on a fishing pier.  It can be as easy or a complicated as you want it to be. Let’s look at the basics and the gear needed to have a fun outing on the pier.

One of the advantages for summer pier fishing is that you do not need a long surf-fishing combo. A medium-action rod from 6.5 to 7.5 feet is perfect. Team this rod with a matching sized reel spooled up with line from 12 to 16 pound test. This combination will let you fish either bottom rigs for bottom fish or throw lures on the end of the pier for bluefish.

Here are some basic rigs that will let you have hours of fun. The Top and Bottom rig is the standard rig for fishing on bottom for spot, croaker, sea mullet, bluefish and other fish that feed near the bottom. With your medium-action rod you can attach a 1 to 3 ounce pyramid sinker. Pyramid sinkers are preferred because the shape will keep your rig from drifting around too much. It also allows you to keep your line tight so you can feel the bite when it comes. Most anglers bait the two-hook rig with shrimp, bloodworms or cut mullet. Check with the people who work behind the pier counter on what bait is working best.

Basic lures for bluefish and Spanish mackerel are jerk jiggers, and small double bucktail rigs. These two lures can be found in every tackle shop and pier house on the Outer Banks. At times colors make a big difference so be sure to ask what is the “hot” color.

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