In October the waters cool down and the air temps can be a little chilly, but this means that speckled trout and drum will be in the surf. Most anglers who wade in the surf and sound don waders when the water temperatures drop. Waders are simply rubber boots with waterproof bibs attached, and they are held up by a pair of suspenders.

Waders are wonderful for keeping water and wind off the angler, but they can also keep the water in if the angler should fall. Waders full of water can become a dangerous anchor, making it hard to swim or stand back up.

Here are a couple of easy tips and tricks to make your fishing experience much more pleasant and safe.

First, buy waders that fit and are easy to move in. Remember you will have long pants and socks on underneath.

The second and most important thing is a belt. A mesh belt that can be fastened tightly around your waist on the outside of the waders is very important. If you fall, the belt will keep most of the water from running down into your waders and allow you to get back up to safety.

Many a seasoned drum fisherman will put on a light raincoat first, then fasten a belt around their waist over the raincoat. This way, if there is some spray from white water it will run off the coat and not down your waders.

Even with these precautions, remember to use common sense.

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