The middle of June is here and, hopefully, the weather will be a little stable than early June. When the weather window is open, the fishing is good both inshore, nearshore, and offshore. If the weather continues to be stable, the great fishing should continue. If you are down on vacation and curious about what a yellowfin tuna or dolphin might look like — or just to watch the offshore boats return — plan a trip to a marina one afternoon. There are several marinas on the southern end of the northern beaches: Pirates Cove Marina and Oregon Inlet are two. On Hatteras Island in Hatteras Village, there are several marinas, including Oden’s Dock, Hatteras Harbor, and Teaches Lair.

Get outside and enjoy the fishing, and remember that the supply is not endless — so only harvest what you need.

Hatteras Offshore

Blue-water fisherman out of Hatteras have had good catches of gaffer-sized dolphin. Besides dolphin fishing, anglers have found scattered yellowfin tuna, and blackfin tuna. Sailfish and marlin are also being released.

Oregon Inlet Offshore

Boats fishing out of Oregon Inlet have been catching bigeye tuna and a few yellowfin tuna. The sharks remain bad and are hindering the catches. Dolphin fishing remains good. Scattered billfish are also being released.

Oregon Inlet Nearshore

Nearshore boats have been having catches of Spanish mackerel and few bluefish. There are still a few cobia being seen and caught. Besides blues and Spanish, ribbonfish are showing up. They are hard to find, but once you find them, they will bite.

Hatteras Inlet NearShore

Boats that fished near shore this week out of Hatteras Inlet had excellent catches of Spanish mackerel and bluefish. Nearshore fishing is within sight of the beach and a great way to enjoy your first ocean fishing trip.

Hatteras Sound Report

Anglers fishing the sound side are finding the usual summer suspects, speckle trout, and puppy drum. There also have been a few grey trout landed.

Oregon Inlet Sound Report

Fisherman fishing the waters behind Roanoke Island and behind Oregon Inlet have been finding speckled trout in good numbers. Most are just under the 14” minimum size limit but are providing good action.

Pier Report

Piers on the northern beaches have report in with catches of spot, blues, sea mullet, and croakers. Earlier in June, the piers were experiencing excellent speckled trout and sea mullet fishing. Hopefully, this trend will continue. The piers on the southern beaches are reporting in much the same.

In the Sand: Surf action

Fishing has been very good in the sound both north of Oregon Inlet and south on Hatteras Island. Hatteras Island has hosted good sea mullet and pompano in the surf. Besides these two fish, there have been bluefish and few speckled trout.

Capt. Brian Horsley is recognized as pioneer of salt water fly fishing in the Mid-Atlantic region. A published author and photographer, he and his wife, Capt. Sarah Gardner, own and operate Outer Banks Fly Fishing and Light Tackle Charters (

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