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Overall, the fishing from the past week has been slow to down right dismal. Things are slowly getting back to normal after the monsoon of late-July. The Outer Banks had around 20 inches of rain in less than two weeks. Between the wind and the rain, it has knocked our fishing for a loop. Thin…

Always with a friendly smile, yet strong and patient, with nerves of steel and unshakable dedication. They provide military service, waterway security, assist with maritime transportation, hazardous materials shipping and are even on the scene as pollution response. Did we mention that as we…

Late July is the beginning of the dog days of summer. Just because it is hot, the fishing does not stop. Dolphin and billfish should be available to all offshore fisherman. There are a few blues and Spanish for boats fishing along the beaches. Pier and surf fisherman are at the mercy of the …

Well, July is here, and for the most part, the fishing forecast will remain fairly constant. It is not the summer doldrums but steady mid-summer fishing. Find some time and enjoy it.

Dropping beneath the surface the all too familiar serenity settles in like a warm blanket on a cold winter’s night. There are no sounds aside from the rhythm of your breath, a marine mammal echo-locating somewhere off in the distance and perhaps the occasional whir of a boat engine passing above.

The scene is enthralling and serene all in the same instance. Calmly you slip beneath the surface and an entirely new world lies before you. What was once a tragic scenario, now presents itself as a masterpiece for a variety of species to make their home. Shellfish happily accommodate each a…

There are two favored ways pier fishermen use to catch a cobia — sit and wait with your pin rig all day long or see one swimming by and cast to it. Last week at Jennette’s Pier, anglers had luck doing both.

Summer is here, and with it comes our summer visitors both on land and in the ocean. One of the most popular summer visitor is the Spanish mackerel. It is a very popular local fish and excellent on the table.

The Outer Banks are known for its offshore fishing and yellowfin tuna are one of the most sought after species. Yellowfin tuna landed on the Outer Banks are smaller than their cousins the bluefin tuna. They are highly prized for their flesh which is wonderful grilled, sashimi or sushi.


Following Highway 12 south the water warms with each mile driven, the unrelenting breeze a silent promise to all those making the trip. License plates and salt-smattered cars suggest overnight voyages with the hopes and anticipation of scoring the perfect day on the water. Kites are unpacked…


Shrouded in more legend and mystery than discernible fact, Edward Teach — better known as Blackbeard — has maintained his reputation as one of the most fearsome pirates to set sail in naval history. Despite his fearsome reputation, the legendary pirate only exists in British records for fewe…


In the late-19th century, more than 800,000 bushels were being harvested from North Carolina waters and shipped to New York and California. By 1994, only around 119,000 bushels of oysters were being harvested.

A trip to the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island is never complete until guests experience the Graveyard of the Atlantic habitat and the largest collection of sharks in North Carolina.

Gazing out across the emerald waters, the turbines quietly churning away, the air seems to have a different feel. Whispers of cooler days to come, mornings with the promise of favorable winds, ideal surf and — along with it —those who seek to gain all that the sea has to offer.

Breakdown any and every material and cure what ails you all in the same breath. But that’s how it goes on this little slice of heaven we call home. She gives us of her bounty and, like a scorned lover, can take it all away within the blink of an eye.

As a surfer you meet heaps of people. With some people you stay connected in the water, and with some the experience is more fleeting. And then there are those who stick with you no matter where you go. Mickey McCarthy was one of those people. At the mere mention of his name, a smile broaden…

When it comes to surfboards, these days the options are as varied as the flavor of potato chips. Seriously. There are shortboards, longboards, step-ups, big wave boards, fun shapes, twin fins, quads, some with more rocker, some with none, some for traveling, others just for fun.

The Surfalorus Film Festival will bring an eclectic array of local, regional, national, and international surf films to the Outer Banks when it returns for its sixth year September 21-23.

Some call it a lifestyle — days lived in accord with the sea, the tide, the wind. Other days, it feels disjointed and chaotic, with howling winds shearing the crest of each wave and along with it any hopes of catching “just one more.” Sometimes your efforts are in vain, while other days the …

There’s something about the smell of the waterfront. The brine of the sea, sun-baked into the docks, fusing with the diesel from the boats, the likes of which have seen countless hours offshore. Co-mingle that with fresh cut bait, a hot basket of hush puppies, and the result is somehow intox…

As the steam rises from the pavement like a cobra from its basket a double arched rainbow graces the summer sky. With their eerie allure, bioluminescence dances across the crest of each ocean wave, as if to welcome visitors to her shores. Ghost crabs scurry to and fro like dancers on a stage…

If the sand and sun are too hot to handle, or if you just want to explore the waters like the Outer Banks' early Native American tribes, kayak rentals — as well as guided kayak tours — are a call or click away. Many equipment rental companies offer kayak delivery.

It’s rhythmic — the casting of the line, back and forth, back and forth, the delicate, yet tantalizing fly dancing across the water, almost begging the fish below to have a bite.

As a surfer you meet heaps of people. With some people you stay connected in the water, and with some the experience is more fleeting. And then there are those who stick with you no matter where you go. Mickey McCarthy was one of those people. At the mere mention of his name, a smile broaden…

What do you do when the chill in the air becomes daunting, the urge to shiver is instantaneous and the sky is a heavy gray blanket? Some head straight to the couch and hibernation. Others kick off the covers and seek some adventure.

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