Join the NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island for some exciting, hands-on educational outdoor activities led by the education special activities staff. Participants can learn something new, expand their skills or create special memories with family and friends.

Cast your line and learn the basics needed to catch your first fish! “What’s the Catch?” shows participants how to assemble tackle, bait their hook, identify fish species, and practice catch-and-release techniques. Participants can try their luck at fishing from our beautiful Soundside Pier. $11 plus admission.

What about those crabby crustaceans? Come to “Let’s Go Crabbing!” to learn some basic biology of the blue crab and experience line crabbing first-hand from the Aquarium’s Soundside Pier on the lower dock. $11 plus admission.

If participants are interested in for a new water sport, “Stand-Up Paddleboarding 101” is the activity to try. This fun and relaxing activity originated in Hawaii and then migrated along the mangroves of Key West, but the Croatan Sound is also a great spot to “walk on water.” This is a perfect program for beginners, and paddlers should prepare to get wet as we learn how to balance on a “SUP.” All equipment is provided, and no experience is necessary. $35 plus admission. Check website for dates.

Kayak the waters surrounding Roanoke Island with our leisure outing program “Paddling Around Roanoke Island.” Paddlers should expect to get a little wet as we explore the hidden parts of Roanoke Island in search of local animals, native plants, and ever-shifting shorelines. All equipment is provided, and no experience is necessary. $38 per person. Check website for dates.

Looking for a nature walk with a little extra adventure? Join an Aquarium naturalist for a fun-filled learning experience while hiking on a “Wetlands Walk” through a nearby salt marsh. Bring your binoculars and muck along a trail in search of birds, marsh plants, and other inhabitants. You will be amazed at the abundance of life in the estuary. $19 per person. Check website for dates.

All outdoor special activity programs at the NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island are sure to awaken guests’ sense of adventure and comprehension of animals and plants that live here.

Adults and children alike are invited to register online or in the aquarium lobby for these exceptional programs. Advance registration is required for each special activity program.

Check out the aquarium’s website for more information on special activity programming at

Dana Thomason is special activities Instructor for the NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island.

Dana Thomason is special activities Instructor for the NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island.

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