Surf’s up for campers at Jennette’s Pier this month. Our week-long adventure camps get children out and about enjoying the best activities the Outer Banks has to offer especially surfing.

There’s nothing more exhilarating than the feeling of your surf board getting picked up by a wave and then riding that wave down the line to the beach. Wave riders call it ‘surf stoke.’ Thanks to experienced surf instructors and floaty, soft-top learning boards, most campers pop up and ride waves in the first session. Others select body boards for their fun rides.

The camps have been developed and fine-tuned since they were first offered seven years ago. Education curator Christin Brown leads the program and she has a small army assistants, interns and junior counselors to help her. Two separate, week-long camps run simultaneously all summer long.

The names of the different camps describe the various activities kids can expect to enjoy. There’s Surf ‘n’ Science, Small Fry for the younger ones, Outdoor Adventure, Waterman’s and Advanced Waterman’s camps. Campers may go pier fishing, climb the ropes course at the First Flight Adventure Park or even go hang gliding at Jockey’s Ridge.

Additional adventures include flat-water paddle boarding on the sound side, crabbing with hand lines and perhaps visiting a local surf board shaping and glassing room such as Gale Force Glassing. In Waterman’s camps, they also learn about water safety from Nags Head Ocean Rescue lifeguards.

Thanks to ever present sandbars near Jennette’s Pier, even the smallest of summer waves keep the camps interesting. Shallow water, sandbar breaks and small waves combine for excellent learning conditions for surfing and body boarding.

To make things even more fun, pier photographers take surfing shots from the beach or with Go Pros in the water. Later, they’re shared with the campers and their parents.

Each year, camp registration opens early in March. Parents should mark their calendars now as these adventure camps fill quickly. Registration is offered online once it opens in March. For more, keep an eye on


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