Wondering what the angler in your life would like in their stocking or under the tree this year? To help guide your shopping sleigh, here’s twelve ways to a merry “Fishmas!”

On the first day of Fishmas my true love can give to me … a brand-new rod with reel hidden behind the tree.

This may be a little tough to figure out exactly what you need so consult your angler’s favorite fishing partner, pier or tackle shop expert.

A second great gift idea would be a warm hoodie from Jennette’s Pier Shop. These come in all sizes, colors and feature zip up fronts with pockets for hands or things like pliers.

Third in mind must be a fish cart. These nifty rigs come in many different sizes with three or four different tire types. Again, check with fishing buddies or counter guru at pier or tackle shop for insight.

A fourth idea? Check out our stainless steel thermal cups adorned with Jennette’s Pier logo. These trendy tumblers and blue bottles keep drinks piping hot or icy cold. Think of all the cups and bottles you can keep out of the waste stream by going green.

Speaking of ice cold, coming in at No. 5 … a brand new Yeti cooler! Who wouldn’t want one of these instead of five gold rings? Here’s an important tip: Make sure it fits into the pier cart and rod rack on the recipient's truck or car.

With all this new gear, you want to make sure your fisherman is sporting the latest graphic T-shirt from the Pier Shop. Celebrate the sixth day of Fishmas with our best-selling inshore Grand Slam tee. It features a cool design of a flounder, trout and drum with pier in background. Of course, additional designs are available, too.

To keep seven swans a swimming and all the fish a bitin,’ every angler needs a solid assortment of terminal tackle including hooks, rigs and sinkers. Throw in some Fishbites and Shazam, and you’ve got a winner!

Outfit your anglers in new, comfortable waders so they can watch eight dolphins dancing when standing in winter surf swash. These can run from $50 to $950, so be sure to shop around and compare prices.

They are traditionally made from vulcanized rubber, but are also available in more modern PVC, neoprene and Gore-Tex variants. They are typically sold by boot size.

Coming in at No. 9 are hats of all types, colors and sizes. Everyone who loves fishing knows a good hat helps block out direct sun rays and helps prevent sunburns.

For the perfect 10, think big. A fishing kayak in a big red bow on Fishmas morning can create magic moments all year long! Along the Outer Banks, numerous shops sell and rent these, so take some time before making this purchase.

At the other end of the spectrum, a small souvenir ornament from the Jennette’s Pier Shop can keep the pipers piping for many years. Adorn your tree with one to 11 of these.

And finally, keep those 12 drummers drum fishing in comfort with all new foul-weather gear. Raincoats, rain pants or bibs along with new rubber boots can go a long way to keep your angler warm and dry when fishing.

Come by and visit us soon at milepost 16.5 on the oceanfront, but don’t wait until Christmas Day because that’s the only day of the year we’re closed.

Merry Fishmas to all!


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