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Over the years, Jim Lyons has learned to clean a variety of fish, one that’s widened as anglers targeted more bottom dwellers and other species that weren’t, in the past, brought to the docks.

When one thinks of musical legends on the OBX, there are a few names that readily come up. They differ depending on the individual. Which genre of music? What age group? What constitutes a “musical legend”? But ultimately, there’s only a handful worthy of that lofty title.

The world pours into artists and flows out upon canvases. It is etched into metal and formed into bouquets or infused into their mediums of choice. This symbiotic relationship has been occurring since ancient humans painted on cave walls, decorated earthenware vessels, and crafted reed baskets. 

With a keen eye and an open heart, North Carolina artist E.M. Corsa chronicles the world around her.

After 40 years of running a successful business, not only does Linda Porter keep finding new ways to serve her clients, she is passionate about helping those just starting their careers.

In 1933, Sam A. Twiford, Sr. — with help from his father, S.W. Twiford — opened the Twiford Funeral Home in a room above the Quinn Furniture Store in Elizabeth City.