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Who would dare take on the task of compiling a visual history of Ocracoke? It’s a story that stretches back to the European settling of the Americas, through the age of piracy, shipwrecks, sea battles, killer storms, and, today, a vacation paradise. An epic saga by any standard.

Brenda Thacker appeared almost puzzled by the question, as if it needn’t be asked because the answer was obvious. Why is she passionate about helping those who struggle with addiction and substance abuse?

Chef Amanda Sprinkle, with her sweeping, sharp instinct for flavor, warm and sisterly disposition, and steady drive for hard work, is a quiet collision of femininity and grit.

The Well Yoga Co-Op, at milepost 5.5 in Kill Devil Hills, was conceived by Laura Martier, and spearheaded by seven Outer Banks residents who saw a need to set up a structure that was inherently different from the typical yoga studio model — for participants and instructors alike.

Payton Joseph Cavallo parlayed a fascination with fantasy and mystery, a love of storytelling, and self-discipline into the first of what he hopes are many books.

Five years ago, we were sailing home from St. Petersburg, Florida, and stopped in Venice for the night. A brand new 50’ sailboat was in the slip next to us, and I commented to the proud owner about the awesome shine of his teak bright work. He said, “It’s not teak, its faux teak. It is a pro…