Beach Biz: The Cottage Shop embodies the spirit of the Outer Banks

Coastal décor and more can be found at The Cottage Shop.

Amy Smith is the creative visionary behind the unique items that can be found at The Cottage Shop and Kellogg Supply Company, its parent company.

“I celebrated my 25th anniversary on April 19,” Smith says. “They are my second family and home.”

Like the ebb and flow of the tides, what’s on trend in the store changes often, but a consistent favorite among shoppers is the shop’s eclectic mix of dish towels, signs made from reclaimed wood, shell and sea glass holders, Fiestaware, bedding, lamps, and wall art.

But, Smith adds, “You never know what you will find, and it is always fun to shop with us. Ranging from unique home décor to a memento from your vacation, we have a variety of products and prices, and everyone can find that something special no matter what the budget.”

Cottage Shop has three locations on the Outer Banks − Nags Head, Duck, and Corolla - “and we have Mud Pie, by The Cottage Shop, in Nags Head….We always keep our eyes out for opportunities to expand.”

The Nags Head and Duck locations are open year-round — its Corolla location is closed January and February, with an occasional weekend open — but people can shop 24/7, thanks to its website,, “which has us shipping quite a bit as it grows. We also ship at the store level, depending on the size of the product,” she says.

The success and longevity of the shop can be found in the very nature of the Outer Banks itself, the landscape and population of which changes with the seasons.

“The secret to our success is a constant flow of new product. We have a wonderful fall and holiday selection — our Christmas is over the top — and we have new everyday merchandise arriving constantly.”


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