David and Stephanie Williams opened Donutz On a Stick & Ice Cream in Duck in 2015, and since then, business has been sweet.

“Our shop is a fun and colorful, family friendly, dessert store that we hope appeals to all five senses of all people,” Stephanie Williams says. “If the reaching aroma of the cinnamon sugar donuts doesn’t draw you in, your curiosity is sure to be peaked when you see a donut sundae or donut milkshake walk by.”

The shop is family-friendly in every sense: The Williams family includes four children, each of whom works in the shop.

“Our customers visit often and become our friends. Seeing people come back over and over, knowing they could go anywhere, but they choose us... that is an honor, and it makes the long hours worth it. We love meeting new people all the time and getting to know them,” she says. “We love learning about them and from them. In many ways, that is a major factor in how our business evolves and the direction we move towards. Being family owned and operated everyday from morning ’til night, we are able to set the mood through our enthusiasm and customer service. We attempt to provide value to every visitor that walks in our door. We believe our product, our customer service, our work ethic, and our ability to constantly evolve provides what people are looking for.”

Janine Henderson, who is vacationing from Ohio, says whatever the couple is doing works.

“I’m the happy grandmother of seven grandkids between the ages of four and 13, but it’s not always easy to get everyone on the same page when you’re on vacation — it’s sort of like wrangling cats,” Henderson says. “Everyone wants to go their own way, do their own thing, and it’s easy for temper tantrums to flair, especially on a hot day. Thank heavens for Donutz on a Stick. We stepped inside, and the whole vibe just mesmerized the little ‘kittens.’ No more whining, no more sniping at each other. They just wanted to sample everything, and by the time we left, sprinkle donuts, ice cream and shakes in their little paws, no one complained again — at least for the rest of the day, and that’s the break I needed, so I’ll take what I can get.”

Williams says the most popular item on the menu for kids of all ages is the donut sundae.

“You choose your donuts, choose your ice cream that covers the donuts, and we top it with hot fudge, whipped cream, cherries and nuts. We recommend a small, but some people have to learn the hard way,” she laughs. “The large donut sundae can exceed 2 pounds, so it’s massive, but still not the largest item on our menu. That honor goes to the large banana split, at 2-1/4 pounds.”

As for donuts, the most popular, by far, is the cinnamon roll donut: hot donuts with hot vanilla glaze, topped with cinnamon and sugar.

“They out sell every other donut flavor, combined, and have done so for four years straight,” she says. “They are oh, so good; they melt in your mouth.”

Williams says they strive to set their business apart from others through the best customer service possible and a commitment to quality.

“Our goal is to make visual stimulation meet taste-bud overload. We love to tell our visitors to make sure they ‘eat it like nobody’s watchin’. If you don’t need napkins, you ain’t doin’ it right!’” she laughs. “We love when people come in curious and leave happy, in a good mood, looking forward to returning and bringing back others.”


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