Island Book Store helps imaginations travel far and wide

Island Book Store has three locations on the Outer Banks: Kitty Hawk, Duck and Corolla. Step inside, and the summer reading options are limitless.

Island Bookstore is one of those places that makes living on a barrier island in the winter seem a little less isolated, and makes lounging by the water on a warm, sunny day even more blissful.

Step through the door of any of its locations — Kitty Hawk, Duck and Corolla — and you can travel to anyplace at any period in history you’d like.

The shelves of the full-service, Independent bookstore are lined with books on myriad subjects — local interest, fiction, travel, cooking, history, poetry, sports, crafts, humor, the choices are endless — in both print and on CD. There’s also an impressive assortment of magazines in its Kitty Hawk location. And what they don’t have, they can get.

Throughout the summer, the store shines a spotlight on the scribes that put pen to paper (so to speak), thereby giving the reader’s imagination a passport to unlimited destinations in time and space.

Each event is a chance for reader to meet writer, to share thoughts and opinions, and to find out what the author’s creative mind is working on next.

Upcoming author events include:

Michele Young-Stone will sign copies of her book, “Lost in the Beehive,” which was named one of O Magazine’s “Best New Books of Spring.”

When and where:

  • Saturday, July 2, at Scarborough Faire Shops, 177 Duck Road, Duck. (252) 261-8981

P. O’Connell Pearson will sign copies of her book, “Fly Girls: The Daring American Women Pilots who Helped Win WWII,” in which the offer shares an account of the remarkable, but often forgotten, group of female fighter pilots who answered their country’s call in its time of need during World War II.

When and where:

  • Tuesday, July 3, at Historic Corolla Village, 1130 Corolla Village Road, Corolla; (252) 453-2292

David R. Tanis will sign copies of his book, “O’Halloran’s Will,” the story of a tale of intrigue that follows after the death of small time, eccentric lawyer and the greed in the bucolic town of Pine Ridge, North Carolina.

When and where:

  • Wednesday, July 4, at Scarborough Faire Shops in Duck. (252) 261-8981

K. Stone, a retired English teacher, will sign copies of her children’s book, “The Beach Fairy,” which follows Tessie, the Tooth Fairy, as she retires to the Outer Banks to follow her dreams to do something no fairy has ever done before.

When and where:

  • Thursday, July 5, at Historic Corolla Village, (252) 453-2292; and Friday, July 6, at Scarborough Faire Shops; (252) 261-8981

Ralph Webster will sign copies of his book, “One More Moon,” which tells the true story of his grandmother’s desperate journey from her life at the Pensione Alexandra in Naples to America — after Mussolini and the Fascists join with Hitler — and as countries across the world close their doors to Jewish refugees fleeing the spread of Nazi evil.

When and where:

  • Tuesday, July 10, at Historic Corolla Village; (252) 453-2292


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