During the hot summer months, we've all felt the negative effects of dehydration. Whether we are experiencing the headache and nausea from a few too many the night before, the foggy, exhausted feeling you get after a few too many hours spent in the sun, or the groggy jet lagged feeling you can't shake the first couple of days into your vacation, it can really put a damper on your energy, mood, and general well being.

The answer is to drink more water, right? In these situations Gunther Heyder and Tami Montiel, co-founders of OBX Renew IV To You, say there's a better way — IV hydration therapy.

IV drip is a health and wellness therapy that puts vitamin infused blends straight into your bloodstream through the use of an IV, to offer you an instant boost, cure your hangover, help you to recover from a sporting event, and even slow the aging process. But why not just drink water or take some vitamins orally?

"By bypassing the GI tract, when you do it straight into the vein you are getting 100% of the hydration, whereas if you are just drinking water and you are taking these vitamins and these minerals, you have to take a ton and you aren't absorbing most of it. So this is more of an instant fix," Montiel  says.

An alarming 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, so no wonder this therapy has gained so much popularity in places like L.A. and Las Vegas, and many other urban areas around the country. It's especially good for situations where time is of the essence, like wedding days where everyone drank too much the night before at the rehearsal dinner. They don't have four hours to nurse their hangover. They need to feel better right away.

"You are nourishing yourself from the inside out — quickly. To get the same effect from water you'd have to drink 3 1/2 gallons of water, which would be almost impossible because you wouldn't be able to digest that...you would be vomiting you'd be so sick," Montiel adds.

Before you go thinking this is some wacky woo-woo trend, Montiel, who is a registered nurse and executive director of the Community Care Clinic of Dare in Nags Head, and Heyder, a local dentist, both actually come from the medical field. They also have a medical director, Dr. John Sanchez, and a highly trained team of registered nurses to administer the therapy.

While passionate about their medical careers, Montiel and Heyder saw this as an opportunity for a side gig that would allow them to use their passion for health and wellness while also filling a need in the community.

Montiel had experienced the benefits of IV therapy while on vacation in the Keys and loved the social experience. Everyone had different cocktails for different reasons. It was like a hip afternoon out.

OBX Renew IV To You is a mobile service so they come to you. They offer group sessions that you can enjoy with friends or family. You get the social experience, but in the comfort of your own home, beach cottage, hotel room or office. And when you are hung over or not feeling well, what’s better than that.

"When I had it done down in South Carolina, that’s what it was; I and my graduate friends sitting around getting IV'd...I immediately felt better. I came back and told Tami, ‘let’s rock and roll,’" says Heyder.

They have a few different proprietary vitamin cocktails to choose from, all with fun Outer Banks themes:

  • Try the OBX Sandbar Savior for the optimal hangover cure. Great for bachelor or bachelorette parties and weddings, he says.
  • The Flying Pirate Peak Performance is great for athletes for recovery.
  • The Beach Beauty Glow has biotin added to it so is great for making skin, hair and nails look radiant.
  • The Fountain of Youth and Vitality contains glutathione, which is a super antioxidant that slows the aging process, Heyder says. 

"We believe this is going to be very beneficial for our clients, not only physically, but emotionally as well," he says. "Not only will it give you a general sense of well being and get you to your optimal performance, but it’s really an experience."

For more information, visit obxrenewiv.com.


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