What's the best part about owning and operating a business in Currituck County?

Hundreds of thousands of people pass through Currituck County on their way to and from the Outer Banks, many of them making a beeline to get to the beach or to get back home. Locals know there are some real treasures to be found on Currituck mainland, like the Currituck Beach Lighhouse. But there are also loads of great businesses in Currituck County with owners and staff who are eager to please.

Currituck County Economic Development reached out to some of the business owners in Currituck County to get their take on the best thing about doing business in the county. Here's what they found out:

"It's a beautiful place and everyone is so happy here!” — Lindsay Dilworth, ALTWOOD

“It’s a short commute, there is a lot of opportunity, and people are anxious to help you get started.” — Travis Cope, Outer Banks Power Washing

“Currituck has a wealth of sustainable natural resources (in our case — great soil, warm weather, ample sunshine and wind) and is situated close to major markets. This allows us to harvest a local crop and make a product that can be enjoyed by both locals and visitors. We depend on tourism to drive the business model during the peak season, but Currituck is beautiful in the off— season as well, when we have more free time to enjoy nature with our family.” — John Wright, Sanctuary Vineyards

“I love the people here.” — Rose Thompson, Ole Fox

“Currituck County provides a lot of (FREE!) resources, which is great for business owners starting out. Networking in Currituck County is fun and laid— back, especially with traditional small businesses that like to work with each other.” — Megan Gwin, Learn & Love CPR

“You get the best of both worlds. Proximity to Tidewater gives you all the education, hospitals, and music and arts events you want. But Currituck lets you live close to nature, in the quiet end of "town" where you don’t have to live in a neighborhood.” — Stacy Justice, Bluewater Restoration

“The commute for one. Then there’s the people and living in a location that millions of people pay to visit every year.” — Anthony Kugler, Coastal Carolina Water

“People care about the area and look out for each other. It's a pleasure to work with people in the county. From the county administrators and law enforcement to the people in service industries working 60— 80 hour weeks. Everyone looks out for each other and wants to give visitors a great experience through selfless service and appreciation. The support from the community can be overwhelming and it deserves to be emphasized.” — George Mazza, Sweet Rides

“Definitely it is the people. This community is so welcoming and supportive. I’ve met so many wonderful people, and have felt like a part of this community from my first visit.” — Julie Christian, Mermaid Permanent Cosmetics

“Owning and operating a business in Corolla has enabled our family to work in a location we love—the beach! Having a seasonal business allows us to work extremely hard for 6 or 7 months and then spend the rest of the year at our home in Northern Virginia. We’ve come to know local business owners, and we’ve developed lasting friendships with many of our neighbors in Corolla. We also get the chance to meet customers from all around the US!” — Lisa Cope, Philly Steak Subs

“The cooperation and aid that you get from other small business owners. One thing about Currituck and the Outer Banks, in general, is that everyone genuinely wants one another to succeed.” — Robert J. DeFazio, Centurion Security Services

“The people! Currituckians (is that a word?) are gracious, kind, and supportive. I love getting to know each and every one of our clients and learning, and then sharing for others to see, what makes them unique and beautiful.” — Michelle Kirnan, Michelle Kirnan Photography

Currituck Small Business Spotlight is presented by Currituck County Economic Development.


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