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At the age of 13, Averi Valdivieso was so full of life she laid out a detailed picture of her future: She wanted to be a professional chef and live in England. She also wanted to marry a ginger-haired man with a British accent.

When Rose Thompson attended a professional baseball game in 2013, she couldn’t have known how one pitch would change her life. And almost snatch it from her.

Shweta Gupta, Saga Realty and Construction’s web strategy and marketing manager, could easily qualify for another company title. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say she is the CTO — or Chief Tranquility Officer — at the firm.

“I love being out on the water and watching all the personalities,” says Jessica Taylor. “Plus its neat to see how they change over the years.”

Full of energy, determination and humor, there’s apparently no stopping serial entrepreneur Allison Nekervis of Currituck County. She’s a Navy wife, mom, mentor, sports coach and global business person who’s always thinking about the next big thing, as well as all the little things that go w…

She couldn’t have known it at the time, but studying theater in college might have been the best preparation for Tameron T. Kugler to become director of the Currituck County Department of Travel & Tourism.

When asked if I would take on an article/interview with Eve Turek, an acclaimed photographer that resides and plies her exceptional trade on the Outer Banks, I was taken aback. What do I know about photography? I take pictures. With my phone. Point and click. Ta ad! Picture.

It took painter Megan Rubino a few years to find the life she wanted. She always knew she wanted to be an artist. After a summer visit to the Outer Banks during a college break she knew she wanted to live here someday. The specifics took some time to nail down but it all came together for th…