When one thinks of musical legends on the OBX, there are a few names that readily come up. They differ depending on the individual. Which genre of music? What age group? What constitutes a “musical legend”? But ultimately, there’s only a handful worthy of that lofty title.

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Payton Joseph Cavallo parlayed a fascination with fantasy and mystery, a love of storytelling, and self-discipline into the first of what he hopes are many books.

Five years ago, we were sailing home from St. Petersburg, Florida, and stopped in Venice for the night. A brand new 50’ sailboat was in the slip next to us, and I commented to the proud owner about the awesome shine of his teak bright work. He said, “It’s not teak, its faux teak. It is a pro…

At the age of 13, Averi Valdivieso was so full of life she laid out a detailed picture of her future: She wanted to be a professional chef and live in England. She also wanted to marry a ginger-haired man with a British accent.

When Rose Thompson attended a professional baseball game in 2013, she couldn’t have known how one pitch would change her life. And almost snatch it from her.