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When Rose Thompson attended a professional baseball game in 2013, she couldn’t have known how one pitch would change her life. And almost snatch it from her.

Shweta Gupta, Saga Realty and Construction’s web strategy and marketing manager, could easily qualify for another company title. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say she is the CTO — or Chief Tranquility Officer — at the firm.

“I love being out on the water and watching all the personalities,” says Jessica Taylor. “Plus its neat to see how they change over the years.”

Full of energy, determination and humor, there’s apparently no stopping serial entrepreneur Allison Nekervis of Currituck County. She’s a Navy wife, mom, mentor, sports coach and global business person who’s always thinking about the next big thing, as well as all the little things that go w…

She couldn’t have known it at the time, but studying theater in college might have been the best preparation for Tameron T. Kugler to become director of the Currituck County Department of Travel & Tourism.

When asked if I would take on an article/interview with Eve Turek, an acclaimed photographer that resides and plies her exceptional trade on the Outer Banks, I was taken aback. What do I know about photography? I take pictures. With my phone. Point and click. Ta ad! Picture.

It took painter Megan Rubino a few years to find the life she wanted. She always knew she wanted to be an artist. After a summer visit to the Outer Banks during a college break she knew she wanted to live here someday. The specifics took some time to nail down but it all came together for th…

I woke up this morning and wanted to tell my friend Glenn Eure that I had taken my “pretty pills” because he always suggested that I had every time he saw me. I know he said this to all the women that came into his Ghost Fleet Gallery in Nags Head, but I believed him because Glenn said it wi…

His musical reach on the Outer Banks is undeniable. His voice is instantly recognizable to those who tune into his broadcasts. His influence has, seemingly, seeped into the sands that his listeners populate as they soak up the sun, digging the tunes he provides.

The beaches and waters of the Outer Banks provide obvious settings and abundant material for local filmmakers. Raymond Wallace, however, often looks elsewhere — into the woods and swamps and deserted locations that generate fear, and into the creepy recesses of the human mind.

Outer Banks entrepreneur Jo Hopkins Whitehead could give a seminar on how to build a small successful empire in a beach-side community, despite unpredictable weather patterns, a seasonal customer base and personal tragedy.

As a working musician, you get calls that you don’t expect. Some calls might be a benefit used to raise money for a worthy cause. No money involved, but you’re donating your talents to help someone or an organization that needs it. Some calls are just regular jobs or, perhaps, one of your fe…

“My comedy is serious,” says Greg Smrdel, stand-up comic, author, and trivia expert. “You can have the funny part, but you have to back it up with being a business man, as well.”

The measure of a community is reflected by how they treat one of their own when one of their own is in need; That’s where the rubber meets the road.

Charlie Most’s days are occupied with steel beams and joists and construction projects worth tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. His leisure time is filled with pirates and shipwrecks, an obsessive modern-day architect and a long-dead female adventurer with whom he connects.


Eleven-year-old Felicity Lipchak is all about turtles. Sea turtles, box turtles, snapping turtles, bog turtles, spiny softshell turtles, chicken turtles, diamondback turtles, mud turtles — it matters not.

Outer Banks musician Christian Benedi is having a busy summer — and that’s OK by him. Throughout the year, he can be found performing up and down the beach — Fish Heads, Hurricane Mo’s, Trio, Outer Banks Brewing Station — as well as REAL Watersports on Hatteras Island, “but it slows down on …


Family prodding and island pride resulted in a remarkable addition to the Outer Banks literary canon.

First Flight Elementary School student Felicity Lipchak recently raised $113.25 for the Network for Endangered Sea Turtles, or N.E.S.T.

According to the results of a recent Coast Facebook poll, 59 percent of the 290 respondents have received a vaccine to protect against the influenza viruses this flu season.

Outer Banks singer-songwriter Chuck Larson had moved beyond trying to “make it” in the music business when he was rewarded with a payoff from an unexpected direction: A song he copyrighted in 1971 was chosen by rapper Ice Cube to promote a video game — released nearly six decades later.

When local entrepreneur Terry Bell decided to open The Spice & Tea Exchange of Duck, she knew she wanted it to be more than a place to buy quality products: She wanted it to be a must-stop destination for people who find joy in cooking, just as she does.

Each winter, Megan Lambert and her family shelve their surfboards and skimboards and turn their attention north and west. They travel to snow-covered mountains and indulge their passion for gliding along smooth surfaces.

The Healthy Carolinians of the Outer Banks Dementia Task Force offers training to area businesses to help staff recognize dementia and Alzheimer’s,, so the community can better support those with dementia and their caregivers.