Outer Banks auditions for the 2019 season of "The Lost Colony" are at 9 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 16, at Manteo High School, 829 Wingina Ave., Manteo. Registration begins at 8:40 a.m.

Lance Culpepper, associate producer of "The Lost Colony," has organized the auditions and will be joined by McCrae Hardy, music director; Pam Atha, choreographer; and Robert Midgette, flight director.

The Lost Colony”— a combination of history, drama, laughter, song and dance — is staged at Roanoke Island’s Waterside Theatre, 409 National Park Drive, an amphitheater that overlooks Roanoke Sound.

The award-winning symphonic play was penned by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Paul Green, a native of North Carolina, and commemorates Sir Walter Raleigh’s doomed colony on Roanoke Island, the first English settlement in North America.

The play made its debut before a sold out crowd on July 4, 1937. It was intended to be a one-summer run, but after President Franklin D. Roosevelt attended a performance on August 18, 1937, its future was brighter than anyone expected.

In 2013, “The Lost Colony” was awarded a special Tony Award for Excellence in Theatre by the American Theatre Wing. After eight decades, it’s still going strong.

Each summer, more than 100 actors, technicians, designers and volunteers spend countless hours and put their personal lives on hold to rehearse and prepare for another successful season of the historical drama.

Everyone attending the auditions is requested to bring a recent photograph and a resume. Additional information will be collected at the time of registration.

For more audition information, visit TheLostColony.org

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