Shop Local in the Outer Banks? At first you might not think so. Doesn’t the Outer Banks shut down after Thanksgiving? Is anything open?

Actually, yes. Many of our local shops and department stores remain open all year and those that do close typically wait until after the holidays.

Karen Brown, President of the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce, says, “The Outer Banks is perfect for shopping local, the community is thriving with excellent local businesses whose products will excite even the most difficult shopper.”

But what kind of shopping is available? Local artisans sell everything from handcrafted items like soaps, textiles, woodwork, jewelry, stained glass art and more. And then you can find local specialties including toys, olive oils, balsamic vinegars, popcorn and custom spices.

Restaurants offer gift cards for those that are hard to buy for. Consider a membership to one of our local historical sites or gym for the hard to please. Keep the kids busy with gift cards or a certificate for time at their favorite attraction.

Our local department stores offer a huge collection of wonderful gift opportunities, clothing, home goods and more.

Shopping local keeps our local economy strong and our citizens working. Shopping on the Outer Banks is like hunting for seashells on the beach; there are so many wonderful things to pick from and when you find just the right item, you purchase it and know you have selected something special for those on your gift list.

Karen Brown is president and CEO of The Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce


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