In 2015 Manteo resident Quinn Capps started an event called Project Glam Girls with the goal of helping local teens get free clothes and accessories needed for a special prom night experience. This is a popular offering for teens, and we wanted to know more.

How did the idea for Project Glam Girls come about?

I was an independent girl as a teenager and I did not have the money it took to get the dress, the shoes, the purse, the jewelry and all that it took to make prom the best experience it could be.

The idea came to me one day, and two weeks later, with the help of Jenna Demmig, Barbara Gudoski and Kitty Hawk United Methodist Church, the Project Glam Girls Boutique was open!

How do you collect all the clothes and accessories?

Each year about three months prior to the event we begin a hard push for donations (age-appropriate dresses, shoes, purses, handbags, tuxedos, men’s suits, jewelry, full-length mirrors, dress racks, hangers and dress bags) through the community via, press releases, a Facebook page and radio stations.

What is the most rewarding part of working on this project?

What I can say is that in our first year, we may have served 10 girls, but last year, our second year, we served close to 100 girls. That was so exciting. I think the biggest thing I remember are the mothers. They were so humbled and shocked that they could provide their daughters everything they needed for a wonderful prom experience and it not cost them a dime. They truly were amazed and couldn’t believe it. So many happy tears. There was one mom or grandmother, not sure, who donated $50 before she walked out the door. We took that money and gave it to a young man to help toward getting his tuxedo.

How do the teens respond to Project Glam Girls?

When they first come in the door you can tell they are kind of shy, scared or maybe embarrassed, but once we start shopping with them, they get pretty excited. You see, we offer everyone a personal shopper. Some come alone. Once they start trying on dresses and come out for everyone to see and we tell them how stunning they look, their faces simply light up!

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