Edenton, N.C., got just enough snow for a neighborhood snowball fight

Elijah Planck, 9, throws a snowball at his mother, Christina, and his neighbors, Kristopher and Shelbey Bateman.

Christina Planck walked toward three boys including her son, Elijah, throwing snowballs at each other Friday morning.

School was out for the day in most of the region after about 2 inches fell in parts of northeastern North Carolina, including Edenton. It was a friendly snowball war on Leigh Street in the Westover Heights neighborhood.

“Truce,” she yelled at them. “No throwing.”

They still threw a couple more snowballs from a pile stacked on a plastic sled. Elijah, 9, had snow stuck in his hair.

“I look like an old man,” he said.

A bitter wind blew from the north at about 20 miles per hour, but the sun was out. Jimmy Henson, 11, had shed his coat during the snowball fight and was running around in a T-shirt.

“I’m not cold,” he said.

The snowstorm fell short of some of the worst predictions of 4 to 6 inches for northeastern North Carolina. Roads were clear and businesses were open in downtown Edenton. An icy coating on limbs of the town’s crepe myrtles glistened in the sunlight. A coating of snow rested on the boats in the harbor and atop the hat of a big Civil War soldier statue on Broad Street.

No snow accumulated on the Outer Banks. North winds continued to blow up to 40 miles per hour on the beach Friday with gusts up to 50 miles per hour. N.C. 12 on Hatteras Island remained open in spite of windblown sand slightly obscuring visibility.

Meanwhile, the Leigh Street fight progressed into a second attack. Kristopher and Shelbey Bateman, a couple from across the street, and their young girls, took on Elijah, Jimmy and Mason Byrum.

Earlier, Kristopher had faked a retreat, running around the far side of his house to lure the attackers into an ambush.

“We won the first round,” Kristopher said. “They’re about to get us back now.”

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