Since opening on Colington Island in 2017, the owners of Higher Grounds Coffee & Ice Cream — Ryan Jorgensen, Traci Jones-Jorgensen, and Kristi Jones — have celebrated holidays with their customers, including a free Easter Egg Hunt.

But this year, a little “baby bunny” hopped into their lives and into the hearts of their customers: Daughter Maple Rowan Jorgensen was born March 1.

“Oh, my God. I can’t even tell you how happy we are to have her in our lives, and all of our customers have been so great,” Jorgensen says. “We kept everybody posted on Facebook, and we announced it on our Higher Grounds sign when she was born. Ever since then, people have been stopping by and dropping off gifts for Maple and Traci. We have the best customers in the world. They’re really like family.”

The weeklong Higher Grounds Annual Easter Egg Hunt event begins April 15 — the Monday before Easter — and continues through Easter Sunday, April 21. There’s no set date and time: As long as the shop is open, people are invited to stop by and search for an egg.

“We’ll be hiding plastic Easter eggs inside and outside the shop. Inside the eggs are coupons for different things and a little treat,” Jones says. “You can find an egg every time you stop by the shop. We’ll also be offering a special on ice cream and our specialty Easter latte all week long.”

Jones-Jorgensen says she and her sister have been planning this year’s Easter egg hunt with even more excitement because of the addition of little Maple to the family business. In honor of her first Easter, anyone who finds a special gold-colored metal maple leaf will receive “a special prize,” Jones-Jorgensen says.

“We love holidays. We love having events that promote family time. It’s very important to all three of us that we offer family friendly events where everyone is welcome to attend — even the family dog — and, hopefully, a long-lasting family memory is made."

The weeklong event is open to all ages, and everyone is encouraged to participate.

“We are always looking for new ways to be more involved with our community,” Jones says. “Growing up, the Easter holiday was always a special family time for us, and even though we are now the adults — and my sister just had a beautiful baby — we just love seeing the excitement on our customers faces when they find and egg,” Jones says. “We want to continue to create fun family events at the shop for our customers to hopefully look forward to with their families and make memories like we did as kids.”

This year’s event also features a new Easter kid-friendly ice cream flavor, Jones-Jorgensen says. “Kristi will be making her homemade all-natural organic baked goods, as well as an Easter doggie cookie for fur babies.”

Jones says the event is a way to connect with the community on a level that embodies who they are, as well as what they want their business to represent.

“When we opened the shop, our whole vision was to create a family space where people in our community would look forward to taking their family and making memories,” Jones says. “When we were kids, and we had a softball game or soccer match or even a birthday party, we always went to this little ice cream shop down the street from our house to celebrate — and that’s always been our vision and our hope for Higher Grounds.”


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