Virginia singer-songwriter Jamie Trent is at it again — paying homage to his 45-plus yearlong love affair with the Outer Banks.

“My whole family — brothers, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins — started vacationing on the Outer Banks when I was about five years old,” says Trent, who lives five hours north of the barrier island, in Lynchburg.

“We came ever summer, always renting through Southern Shores Realty. At first, we rented in Kill Devil Hills, and then we moved the vacation to Avon. I love it here.”

It shows.

He first penned an homage to his adopted home-away-from-home in 2015. Titled, “The Outer Banks and You,” and the tune was picked up by Southern Shores Realty for use in a national commercial.

After Hurricane Dorian ravaged Ocracoke, Trent used his song, “Destination Ocracoke,” co-written by David Kent, to raise money for Ocracoke residents. Proceeds from sale of the song on iTunes, Amazon music, and many other music apps ($.99) benefit the Ocracoke Disaster Relief Fund. His efforts captured the attention of Headline News Network, and CNN, among other mainstream media.

His latest song, “Outer Banks of Caroline,” recently dropped and is already gathering steam. Outer Banks country radio station 94.5 WCMS-FM added the song to its playlist. Trent will be on the Outer Banks Dec. 26-30, and is working on getting some live appearances lined up, so he can shake hands with fans and catch up with Dorian victims and the people who are helping to get them back on their feet.

“I wanted to write a song that many, many families could relate to through my own personal experiences. My goal was to write a song that was sort of ‘centered in and during a memory,” Trent says of “Outer Banks of Caroline.”

“This song isn’t about drinking, or umbrella drinks, or anything like that. There are hundreds of very good songs about things of that subject matter. I wanted to go deeper. Hopefully, it resonates with folks. The Outer Banks is so much more than a ‘place’ to us.”

He vacations on the Banks at least four times a year with his wife Tammy, and their 5-year-old granddaughter, Kardigan — whom the couple legally adopted.

Trent’s brother Joe moved to Kitty Hawk in 2015, after retiring from the U.S. Armed Forces. Trent — who was stationed at Norfolk when served as an E4 Radioman with the U.S. Navy in Operation Desert Storm — hopes one day to join his brother as an OBX local. In the interim, he says, he’ll just sing about a barrier island that, for him, hits all the right notes.

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