Day Camps are back at Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head this summer. Catch a beautiful blue crab armed with powerful claws during a Tuesday Soundside Explorers adventure.

Watch out, you may get pinched!

“Catching blue crabs is exciting – meeting one up close and personal,” said Christin Brown, education curator. “You are sure to enjoy this soundside morning adventure! We always have fun exploring these ecosystems.”

In addition to crabbing, campers may also go fishing and cruise sound waters on stand-up paddleboards.

On Wednesdays, try your luck at landing a lunker in a Wednesday morning Fish Camp.

Jennette’s Pier, a 1,000-foot long concrete and wooden ocean pier, provides children with the perfect place to explore marine life.

“If you are really lucky and get there when triggerfish are running, the kids might catch dinner!” she said. Campers can also try for bluefish, croaker, flounder, sea mullet, sheepshead, Spanish mackerel and trout.

Campers learn to cast out a double bottom rig baited with raw shrimp or artificial bloodworms to lure the fish to bite. Sometimes, they reel in prehistoric looking animals, such as clearnose skates or dogfish sharks.

But perhaps the most exciting opportunity is offered Thursday Ocean Explorers when campers get to listen to shrimp or fish make sounds underwater. Armed with homemade hydrophones our educators created, Explorers head out on the pier with listening gear.

“We listen for snapping shrimp,” Brown said. “And sometimes we even hear fish grunt.”

Later, they get their science on learning about cephalopods followed by a squid dissection. Campers also learn about plankton and collect their own samples on the pier.

Each of the camps are for children ages 8 to 12. All equipment and bait are provided.

For information on cost and to register, check us out online under Experiences on

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