Coast OBX calendar

The event calendar sorts events based on when they're happening. Users also can search for a specific city, and can re-sort the calendar based on event popularity or name.

Today we are launching a new event calendar system on

This platform, CitySpark, makes it easy to search for events close to you — no matter whether you're in Nags Head, Virginia Beach, Williamsburg or farther away like Denver.

It also is easy for you to add events. Adding an event to this calendar also publishes it to other websites that use CitySpark. Locally, that means adding an event at also adds it to the calendars on websites for The Virginian-Pilot, Daily Press, The Virginia Gazette and local TV stations. 

Here's a quick guide to help you get started: 

How to search for events

To search the calendar, enter a term to find a specific event. You also can click in the search field and narrow results by event category.

By default, events are sorted based on time. To sort them alphabetically or by popularity, click on “time” in the middle of the search section to the right of the search field.

Looking for events in a specific area? At the top far right of the calendar, select the location you're searching and limit the distance of the search radius.

How to add your event

Click on the add event field to add your item to the calendar. You must have a free City Spark account to add events, so you can create your account here or sign-in with an existing account or with Facebook.

Start by adding an event title and the location of the event. CitySpark will search for similar events to make sure it isn't already in the database.

Fill out the location, and date and time fields.

Select a category from the pull-down menu. You only need to fill out the first field. Add an image.

Next, write a description. This description will appear online and tells readers more about your event. Please use proper punctuation, avoid using all capital or all lowercase letters, and be concise.

A few notes about events:

  • Please do not list your event more than once. Duplicates will be deleted.
  • This is a calendar listing, not an advertisement. Please don't use promotional terms, and avoid punctuation like exclamation points.
  • Events are approved and posted online within 2 hours of submission.

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